The Story Goes Something Like This...

In 2007, I started my little business NOT knowing what it would ever become. I came up with a few designs, spent hours and a lot of wasted material trying to perfect them. I knew that I wanted to keep my identity and fashion sense in tact, even though I was raising 2 little ankle biters.

That is when my first headband design was born. The Pre-Tied Paisley Bandana Headband style. I love the look of the traditional paisley bandana tied around your head, but hated that it slipped and slided off. Don't get me started on the bobby pin nightmare!

Fast forward 15 years, Shirk Designs Hair Accessories is now a growing hair accessory and apparel company. Most of my products are handmade in my small studio space. Each item is made with an overwhelming attention to detail and quality. Most items are also made in a very LIMITED QUANTITY so you have to act fast or a lot of them will be gone before you know it. The designs are eclectic and ever changing. Hope you love them. XOXO